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A Legal Analysis of Regulations Dominant an Economic Competition and Foreign Investor Management Law


Received: 23 December 2019
Accepted: 27 January 2020
Published: 14 February 2020

Yosef Ebrahimi Nasab

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When several people make attempt for accomplishing the same objective, they will compete due to the scarcity of resources. In commerce and trade, the same objective may be larger market share, attracting many customers, and finally higher profit. Yet, it is always likely that some economic actors collude and form cartels, sign vertical contracts, resort to monopoly, abuse other rivals attempts, and generally disrupt market balance in unfair ways and violate consumers and other economic actors rights. Regarding the significance of regulating and controlling relationships dominant on market, legislators must generally defend firms rights when facing anti-competitive acts as well as expanding competition by approving various rules and establishing sanctions. These rules and regulations which brought about certain necessities lead to the formation of a new branch in law known as competition law. It is a tool to establish healthy free competition in economic actors’ relationships, protecting their rights, and establishing balance in market. Unfortunately, though, many traders and economic actors when face with unfair competition acts by rivals not only fail to defend their rights but also do not lead a lawsuit against wrongdoer rival due to not being aware of rules and regulations dominant on the field. With a review of  countries experiences concerning sustainable development achievement economically agreed upon common law, it can be realized that foreign investment is considered not only as an objective but also as an introduction and a means to accomplish a supreme goal. The main function of foreign investment in these countries has been the provision of opportunities for the growth and prosperity of private sector and internationalization of domestic companies. In Iran, despite the approval of various regulations and attempts, the private sectors prosperity and growth have not been actualized so far due to the influence and control of government over the major economic sectors.

Keywords: Economic competition, market, private sector, foreign investor.


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